Online distribution started! “Nikkei Muse Salon 500th Anniversary Gala Concert”

Friday, September 11, 2020 NIKKEI Hall & Conference Room Starring: Keiko Abe (Marimba), Kumiko Inoue (Harp … Continue reading “Online distribution started! “Nikkei Muse Salon 500th Anniversary Gala Concert””


Nikkei Muse Salon 500th Anniversary Gala Concert

-A commemorative concert that brings together the legends of the Japanese classical world, which colored the e … Continue reading “Nikkei Muse Salon 500th Anniversary Gala Concert”


Platinum series 2

Keiko Abe  -A pioneer in the marimba world that continues to walk- October 16, 2020 (Friday) Starts at 19 … Continue reading “Platinum series 2”

             Study with Keiko Abe

Studying marimba in Japan with Keiko Abe is both an amazing musical and cultural experience. Over the years many of the worlds most influential percussive artists have attended her marimba classes at the prestigious Toho Gakuen College of Music in Tokyo.
International students can choose to take 1: an elective course in marimba

This course has a duration of 3 months and students do not require a student visa for Japan. The course consists of a weekly masterclass with Professor Abe and private practice. There are several 5 octave Yamaha marimbas at the school for practice. Students can also choose to perform in the outstanding college percussion ensemble. Japanese language is not required for this course. Although this course has a duration of 3 months, students can take this course several times up to a maximum of 2 years study. Note: Professor Abe’s masterclasses occur in two blocks per year only. April- June and October- December. Some international students attend at both these times and spend the 3 months where there are no lessons in there own country.

2: Post graduate research course. “kenkyuka”.
This course is full time for one or two years and students are eligible to apply for a student visa. As well as attending marimba master classes International students can attend other music classes such as orchestral percussion lessons, piano etc. No Japanese Language ability is initially required but study of Japanese before and / or during this course is advised.

These courses are both performance oriented and do not involve written course work.
They are also surprisingly inexpensive for international students.

For inquires regarding study at Toho Gakuen please send Email to Ms.Yuko Abe (

For other inquires regarding Keiko Abe’s lessons please send Email to her manager Ms.Motoko(